A week after a dam burst at a mine in southeastern Brazil, killing at least 115 people and leaving 248 others missing, new images and video footage have emerged showing the exact moment of the collapse.

The failure of the dam on Jan. 25 — one of the deadliest mining accidents in Brazil’s history — unleashed an avalanche of red mud that also buried buildings and contaminated water downstream.

The search for survivors has continued, though no one had been found alive during the past week. Rescuers have been digging deeper into the brown sludge that covered the mining town of Brumadinho.

Some of the new footage appears to have been taken by cameras belonging to the Brazilian mining company Vale. In one video, a cloud of dust appears moments before the deadly surge of mud. Vehicles are seen racing around to escape, only to be buried in seconds.

In another video broadcast on local television networks, cracks appear on the wall of the dam seconds before the 280-foot structure collapsed.

That released 2.5 billion gallons of sludge that covered everything in its path.